Judson College Biology Department Chapter

Cahaba River Society

Marion, Perry County, AL

Dr. Randall Haddock leading another study of the Cahaba River
The Judson College Chapter of the Cahaba River Society makes numerous trips to the Cahaba for fun, education, and for conservation of the beauty of this wonderful outdoor treasure.

Many local people go with the Judson students on these trips down the river. Dr. Randall Haddock of the Cahaba River Society and Dr. Thomas Wilson have been a teaching team on the Cahaba for over two decades.

The first five images are from a recent trip (summer of 07) of Judson College and the Cahaba River Society to Barton's Beach Nature Preserve on the Cahaba River near Marion, AL. Dr. Haddock and Gordon Black, CRS, lead this trip and they taught our students about the river and its biodiversity.
Fish study
 Fish study on the Cahaba Judson College Cahaba River Society Chapter

Judson College Chapter of the Cahaba River Society at Barton's Beach Preserve, Perry Lakes Park, Marion, AL.
Judson students learn about fish in the Cahaba
Judson students at Cahaba River Preserve, Bibb County, AL
Judson College Students learn about biodiversity on our trip to the river. Judson College students enjoy the Cahaba at the new Cahaba River National Wildlife Preserve in Bibb County, AL. Drs. Thomas Wilson and Caroline Reich lead this trip.
Radford "ramp" Nov. 2007 The Radford "ramp" on the Cahaba River in Perry County is a very important access area. This access point is on the east side of the river on the old Perry County 20 road. It is about 7 miles downriver from the State ramp at the Sprott Bridge on Hyway 14.

The Radford Bridge collapsed about 25 years ago and has not been rebuild. The unofficial "ramp" area belongs to Perry County but it is presently an erroded ditch (summer, 2008).

A recent Community Development grant award from the State Association of RC & D Councils has made it possible to develop the Radford Bridge area to a nice canoe access ramp (nov., 2008).
Judson College Chapter of the Cahaba River Society with Staff of the Cahaba River Society
Another great trip to the river (summer, 2008)

Many photos by Dr. Hal Arnold, Judson College
Dr. Thomas Wilson and Sara Fowler Cahaba08
Dr. Haddock and JC crew Gordon Black and JC crew
JC students with fish JC students with fish
Cahaba fish Cahaba Spot Tail Minnows
Susan Guider admires a 3 knobbed warty back muscle.  Dr. David Potts, Judson College President enjoys the moment Randy Haddock and Thomas Wilson...long time friends
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