Judson College Biology Department Activities
The Judson College Earth Team works almost every week in Perry Lakes Park projects. They build bridges, repair and clear trails, construct educational interpretive learning centers, and place identification labels on trees.
Sierra Club bridge
Caroline Price repairing ramp railing
Sylvia Pitts and Samantha Marcella removing logs from trail
Dr. Wilson and Sylvia Pitts removing vines from trail
Judson's Earth Team received a grant award from the West Alabama Sierra Club to build a bridge across a creek on Ridge Trail. Students learned a lot about tools, concrete and lumber on this project. The bridge will allow visitors to venture onto an unexplored part of the Park. Sarah Fowler positions a post while Beverly Cox eyeballs the level.
Earth Team working on bridge
Earth Team on bridge
Earth Team making a sign
Another sign by the Earth Team
Earth Team mulching trail
The Judson College Biology Department's Earth Team has worked for the life of the Park in an effort to make the Park a wonderful place to visit, have fun, and to learn.

The Earth Team is completing a bridge over Cottonmouth Creek and is mulching a trail in the Park (Aug. 2007)
Judson Students routinely participate in community outreach projects that include landscaping, lobbing for protection for the Park, and other environmental initiatives.
Botany students and the Earth Team landscaping church
Botany students conducted a service learning project at the First Congregational Church of Marion. This old church was formed by freed slaves and the American Missionary Association in 1869.

This important church is listed on the National Registry of Historical Places (March, 2006)

(L to R) Lauren Stephens, Angi Gullard, Megan Brown, Tiffany Jernagan, and Kerri Reeves.
The First Congregations Church of Marion now has a October Glory Red Maple in the front lawn. These students were pleased to help this historical church with their outreach landscaping project.

Students are: Angi Gullard, Tiffany Jernagan, Kerri Reeves, Megan Brown, and Lauren Stephens.
Botany students and Earth Team at the Church
Judson College Earth Team planting a Trident Maple tree
Judson College Earth Team planting trees
The Judson College Earth Team planted the treescape for the Learning Center Project. Trident Maples, which only grow about 25 feet tall, were planted along the sidewalk. Dr. Thomas Wilson is sponsor of the Team.
Judson College Earth Team President, Rachael Webster, discusses politics with Senator Hank Sanders

Judson College Earth Team Rachael Webster and other Earth Team members discussed "saving Perry Lakes Park" with Senator Hank Sanders.
Applied Botany Project ... Judson College Science Building
The Applied Botany class, Fall of 06, selected to plant a native Blackgum, Nyssa sylvatica, for their project.

Stacy Lawson, Elizabeth Graverson, and Rikki Morrison, did the hard work and learned about planting trees from Dr. Wilson.
Planting a Black Gum...2006
Black Gum ... 2006  
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