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Conversion of the Essex catfish lake to a dynamic bass fishing environment (Sept. 2007).
James Essex watches the extension being placed on the drain pipe

James Essex engaged Embark,LLC to convert his lake in Perry County, Alabama, into a dynamic bass fishing environment. James is watching the worker add a 20 inch extension to his drain pipe which will raise the lake level when the winter rains arrive.
Essex lake construction
Essex lake construction
Kevin Averrette's dirt moving crew used trackhoes and bulldoziers to turn the shallow, flat lakeside into a system of creek channels, islands, berms, and potholes. Winter rain will flood this shallow area of the lake and will turn this old catfish pond into an exciting topwater bass fishing paradise.
Thomas Wilson supervising project Trackhoe
Essex project Essex project
Trackhoe Swamp side of lake
Essex project Essex swamp
Essex project Wilson on project
The Essex lake is one of the original Lakeland Farms lakes and it was built in about 1950. This lake has big bass, catfish, and bream along with Golden Shiners for forage. Water will eventually cover these creek channels and topwater bass fishing will explode.
 Trackhoe  Trackhoe
Essex swamp Essex swamp
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