The Fisheries Section of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is considering cutting many of the mature trees in the Marion Hatchery Woods. The Hatchery Woods make up most of the forest of the Park area. Please look at the wonderful hardwood/pine forest on this web site and realize that in a few months many of the big trees may be gone.
Logging these old trees is a nightmare of nature and a tragedy for Perry County and the Black Belt. The Marion Hatchery/Perry Lakes Park woods ecosystem is the only nature-based recreational area provided by the State in all of Perry County. We don't have a State lake, State park, State nature trail, or anything else. And, now they have told us they will take the big trees. Ecotourism has great potential in Perry County but who wants to come visit a Park and see the stumps of big trees. Auburn Univresity Rural Studio Arcitecture graduades have completed four major projects at Perry Lakes Park. These projects are a cultural treasure and we have them in our Park!
Perry County people will certainly appear ignorant about recognizing and protecting their natural resources if the big trees are turned into stumps. Please help save the entire Perry Lakes Park ecosystem. Write Governor Bentley and Commissioner Gunter and ask them to please...Don't Cut the Trees in the Marion Hatchery/Perry Lakes Park Woods. Time is running out. The big trees will be gone forever if YOU and I don't do something.
Governor Robert Bentley, State Capitol, 600 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36130 (334-242-7100)
Commissioner Gunter Guy, Jr., Ala Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, 64 N. Union St., Montgomery, AL 36130 (334-242-3486)
Contact: Thomas Wilson, 334-683-6389 (H) email: