Commissioner Gunter Guy, Jr.

Alabama Department of Conservation

And Natural Resources

64 N. Union Street

Montgomery, AL 36130

Dear Commissioner Guy,

We plead with you to establish a management plan for the Marion Fish Hatchery property in Perry County that preserves the entire ecosystem. A plan is needed that protects the mature canopy trees of this valuable floodplain hardwood forest.

Alabama is far behind states such as Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, and even Mississippi in the protection and preservation of State owned forests. There is no Alabama State mandate or management plan preventing mature canopy hardwood forests from being logged…not even in the “Forever Wild” program.

Tennessee has over 100,000 acres in their Division of Natural Heritage. A Tennessee State mandate protects mature canopy forests in this program from being cut for any purpose.

The wellbeing of Perry Lakes Park and the Bartons Beach Cahaba River Nature Preserve depends upon the protection of the big trees in the Hatchery woods. Impoverished Perry County deserves to keep this forest treasure which is a great source of local pride and ecotourism.