The Radford Bridge Canoe Ramp

"A Newly Construct Canoe access in Perry County"

Construction by the Perry County Engineer's Department began in early November, 2008. The ramp is usable and was completed in December, 2008.

Jerry Russell, Frank Collins and Leroy Moore began the work on the ramp
The work on the ramp was lead by Perry County Engineer, DeAndre Kimbrough, with assistant engineers C. B. Wellman and David Heard. Jerry Russell (far left in photo) lead the work team. Dr. Thomas Wilson wrote the grant proposal and provided the basic design for the primative canoe access.

Leroy Moore (far right in photo) coordinated much of the work. Jerry Russell operated the trackhoe and made significant contributions to the design and to the construction of the ramp. Asbury Threatt and Johnny Fuller, carpenter, did much of the ground work on the project.
Jerry Russell running the track hoe
Moving dirt for the ramp
View from top of ramp

Steel and concrete from the old collapsed Fikes Ferry bridge can be seen in the river.
Thomas Wilson at top of ramp
Dr. Thomas Wilson tried for 25 years to make this important canoe access a reality for Perry County and others that love the Cahaba River. We are all indebted to Norman Burton, Chair of the Tenn-Tom Regional RC & D Committee for supporting this project with grant money and with his unending concern and involvement in Perry County.

We are indebted to the Perry County Commission for supporting this project and for their support of Perry Lakes Park.
Doris Wilson admireing the new ramp
Barriers at the top of the ramp

More Rip-Rap rock will be placed in the ditches and at the bottom of the ramp. Perry County workers have sown grass seed and have mulched the banks with hay. We are all very proud of our new ramp. Help us keep it clean and presentabale.
For more information, contact:
Dr. Thomas Wilson