National Survey of Student Engagement Gives Feedback to Help Improve Education
Jessica Wallace, student writer

Each year, Judson College administers the National Survey of Student Engagement to evaluate the education experience of freshman and senior students. NSSE includes five benchmarks of effective educational practice: level of academic challenge, active and collaborative learning, student-faculty interactions, enriching educational experiences and supportive campus environment.

According to Judson Senior Vice-President Dr. Mark Tew, Judson was among the first colleges to participate in this survey. He feels it is helpful in giving faculty a level of feedback based upon quantifiable data, not simply student opinion. Additionally it allows faculty to compare responses with other universities across the nation. “Generally speaking, Judson College compares very favorably in all categories, but especially with regard to active and collaborative learning and student-faculty interaction,” said Tew.

Active learning means students are involved with their education and are asked to reflect on what they're learning in various settings. Collaborative learning means students work together in mastering challenging material and solving problems. For first-year Judson students, the benchmark score for active and collaborative learning is 48.4 percent, while the national average is 41.8 percent. The active and collaborative learning for Judson seniors is 51.5 percent, the national average being 50.1 percent. Judson students also scored well in the student-faculty interaction section, traceable to the college's current 1:12 faculty/student ratio. Judson's freshmen score for student-faculty interaction is 49.4 percent, while the national average is 37.2 percent. Senior students scored 51.7 percent with the national average at 44.2 percent.

“At Judson, we want our students’ educational experience to progress with excitement to its culmination,” said Tew.

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