Ruth Kastenmayer, Judson Center for Teaching/Learning & Technology, October 2004

At Judson College, student learning is at the heart of our Mission. We are committed to a continual process of planning, assessment, and improvement in order to ensure ongoing enhancement of our institutional quality and effectiveness. We intend for all of our students to have the opportunity for creative, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences.

Recognizing the advantages of bringing the power of the Web into our classrooms, we conducted a multi-year study of available Web-based course management systems (CMS) . After considerable research we chose the very best -- Educator by Ucompass.


Judson College adopted Ucompass Educator, a very powerful and flexible CMS, in Fall 2002. All Judson courses, both on-campus and distance, have an online presence through Educator, and it has become very popular with both instructors and students for its many features as well as its ease of use.

Included in the Educator package is a customizable survey tool that Judson College has used extensively to generate assessment data both from students at the end of courses and from employers of Judson graduates.This data is essential for our ongoing institutional research process.

An added benefit of our partnership was our ability to rent secure, reliable server space from Ucompass for our online submission of compliance documents to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) off-site review team during our reaccreditation process. This greatly simplified the posting of the required documentation in a password-protected location.

As part of our strategy for continuing improvement, we have recently developed a Quality Enhancement Plan which will improve the quality of college-level writing across the campus. We are very pleased that we will be able to collect and grade writing samples in Educator and keep a portfolio for each student that covers her years at Judson and tracks improvements in her writing abilities over time. Educator has all the tools we need to bring this plan to fruition including the ability to add rubrics to the grading process.

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By Anne Forte, Ucompass Inc. began serving the Higher Education and K-12 markets in 1995, and since that time has evolved the Educator Course Management System into the most advanced, comprehensive, and user-friendly course delivery tool available anywhere in the industry.

Today, provides the e-learning infrastructure to thousands of users and hundreds of colleges and schools across the nation and internationally.

The business philosopy places customers front and center. We seek to delight each and every customer through the application of age-old but time-tested techniques -by making our customer's satisfaction the #1 priority. Inc provides all of the e-learning infrastructure and support that Judson College needs to be successful. The scalable, tested-solution saves the campus time and money. The unique hybridized solution allows Judson administrators to manage and oversee all support for added peace of mind.

If you have not previously heard of Inc., we invite you to get to know us better!

Mr. Ed Mansouri, CEO and Founder of Ucompass Inc. is very pleased to be working with the faculty and students of Judson College as part of our "Small Campus Full Implementation Package". Our partnership brings Judson all the tools necessary for running a state of the art online course offering. The faculty and administrators at Judson College bring their expertise and enthusiasm to enhance learning for students using the online teaching component. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership and expanding the teaching and learning landscape for faculty and students at Judson College.
Edward B. Mansouri - President, Inc

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