The 2005 recipients of the Webspinner Award, pictured with Melissa Reh, Webmaster, are (L-R) Carrie Giles, Ashley Upton, and Brandi Evans.
As many of you may or may not be aware, Judson College was the first to host an online “webzine” or web magazine. The first Webspinner articles were posted in 1997 and participation was high in subsequent years. In the academic year 2004-2005, however, participation decreased significantly, and in effort to raise campus awareness and solicit contributions, the three students who submitted (collectively) an article this year were recognized with the inaugaral Webspinner Award. These three students joined efforts to write an article based on their experiences with trees in Dr. Wilson’s applied botany class.

Many of the articles that have been written in the past were related to students’ fields of interest, special trips taken, stories about persons of interest, among other topics. Every student, faculty and staff member is encouraged to consider submitting an article to the Webspinner.

In future years the award will be presented to the author or authors of the most outstanding contribution to the Webspinner. This year each winner was presented with a certificate of appreciation for their contribution, as well as a SanDisk 512MB Cruzer Mini USB Flash Drive donated by the founders of the Webspinner, Mrs. Ruth Kastenmayer, Dr. George Washburn, and Dr. Thomas Wilson.


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