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October, 2004

As we approach the Judson College Terquasquicentennial (175th Anniversay) Celebration in 2013, we are conscious of our Vision and focusing on our endeavor to become the finest Christian liberal arts college for women in America.

At Judson, student learning is at the heart of our Mission. We are committed to a continual process of planning, assessment, and improvement in order to ensure ongoing enhancement of our institutional quality and effectiveness. We intend for all of our students to have the opportunity for creative, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences.

We have taken the initiative to begin building an academic planning site that will establish a clear pattern in order to ensure that the learning outcomes in all courses relate to departmental objectives which flow from the eight directives (goals) in our College Strategic Plan.

As part of our strategy for continuing improvement, we have recently developed a Quality Enhancement Plan which will improve the quality of college-level writing across the campus. We are very pleased that we will be able to collect and grade writing samples in our CMS, Educator, and keep a portfolio for each student that covers her years at Judson and tracks improvements in her writing abilities over time.

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By John Champion, CommToolz

Judson College is currently in the process of implementing CommToolz as the cornerstone tool for managing communication within the extended Judson community. Administrators at Judson intend to utilize the tools within CommToolz to facilitate an ongoing process of knowledge sharing and critical thinking leading to quality enhancement. The goal is to bring the planning process to the forefront of the minds of the faculty and to demonstrate to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) that Judson College takes continuous planning, assessment, and improvement seriously.

Judson College has selected CommToolz because it provides a single solution that enables them to develop departmental plans and syllabi that demonstrate course and program alignment with institutional goals and objectives as well as with academic "Best Practices." The resulting departmental plans, assessments, and improvements together with the syllabi for all Judson courses, both on-campus and distance, will be easily viewable by all Judson stakeholders and to off-site and on-site SACS review teams.


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